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During my visits to Ghana, I noticed that many people carried bottled water in their hands. I became inspired to create a unique insulated recycled bag that would help protect the bottled water from the hot African sun.

The bags are made from recycled tractor inner-tubes that are collected from tire and recycling centers throughout the US before they end up in landfills. The inner tubes undergo a rigorous but environmentally safe multi-day cleaning process.

Each Uniquely Chosen bag has its own distinct markings that come from the factories where the inner tube was manufactured, making each bag as unique as a fingerprint. The lining used is recycled Whole Foods store banners.

In our quest for materials, it was paramount that our choices make a positive impact on our environment.

The Uniquely Chosen B4B Project provides insulated recycled shoulder bags to protect plastic water bottles from prolonged exposure to the sun.

The first launch is targeted for approximately 8,000 youth gathering from all regions of Ghana for a week long Youth Camp Event.

 For donations of $70.00 or more, you will receive a bag identical to one that is shipped. For a donation of $50.00, you will receive a recycled iPad case, and we will ship the bag for bottled water to a youth.


Thank you for your support,

The UCM Team

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